Jaime Wertman

Jaime Wertman is a PhD student in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology. She began in research with an honour’s project in the Department of Biology with Dr. Arunika Gunawardena, studying plant programmed cell death, or apoptosis. Next, she completed a MSc. in the Pharmacology Department at Dalhousie with Dr. Denis Dupré. Her MSc. work concerned the role of the G protein-coupled receptor, CXCR4, in the behaviour of prostate cancer cells in vitro. Jaime enthusiastically joined the Berman Lab in 2014. She has been funded by both a Killam predoctoral award and an IWK Graduate Studentship. She will be working on a project that aims to examine the effects of the microenvironment on neuroblastoma cells in the xenotransplant model, using humanized zebrafish created in the lab by Vinothkumar Rajan, another PhD student. Second, she is working towards using the zebrafish model to identify adjuvant drugs that could protect against cisplatin-induced toxicities, including oto- and nephrotoxicity. To date, she has used the zebrafish larvae to screen a drug library of over 1000 pharmacologically-active compounds, and has identified several promising hits.  Outside of the lab, Jaime likes to spend time exercising outside with her dog and husband, cooking and baking, drawing and painting, and volunteering as much time at the IWK as possible. If you ever doubt Jaime’s dedication to fish, you can come find her on the weekends at her part time job, banding lobsters on her husband’s fishing boat.


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*Authors contributed equally to MS

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