Nicole Melong

Research Technician (BSc, MSc)

Nicole is originally from Pickering, Ontario but moved to Nova Scotia to complete her Bachelor of Science in Biology at St. Francis Xavier University in 2010. She then returned to Ontario to complete her Master of Science at Trent University in 2013 with Dr. Shaun Watmough. Her Master’s research was conducted in Fort McMurray, Alberta where she studied the implications of nitrogen pollution from oil sands development on the chemistry of the understory vegetation in a jack pine forest. She has attended several international conferences to present her research to the scientific community.

Nicole joined the Berman lab group in February 2014 as a research technician. She is thrilled to be researching and working in the lab, where she already feels at home and is eager to contribute her skills and further explore the biology field. She is excited to learn more about the zebrafish model and to be involved in the innovative cancer research being conducted in the lab as both leukemia and breast cancer have impacted family members. Nicole is enjoying Halifax and in her spare time likes to cook, watch sports, play soccer and be with her friends. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her dog Lloyd.

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