Shelby Steele

Postdoctoral Fellow (BScH, MSc, PhD)

Shelby is originally from Montague, PEI but moved to Ontario to complete her Bachelor of Science in Zoology at the University of Guelph.  Shelby completed her Honours project in the lab of Dr. Pat Wright examining the effect of ammonia on hatching and urea production in rainbow trout embryos.  She stayed at the Univeristy of Guelph to complete a Masters program in Dr. Wright’s lab, examining urea production associated with brackish water acclimation in embryonic little skates.  She was first introduced to the zebrafish as a research organism in the lab of Dr. Ian Johnston at the University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland, where she worked as a research associate for Dr. Wright during her sabbatical research in 2004.  There, Shelby participated in experiments examining muscle development in zebrafish embryos.

Shelby then began her work with the zebrafish model at the University of Ottawa as an NSERC post graduate scholar, where she did her PhD in the labs of Drs. Steve Perry and Marc Ekker looking at the hypoxic regulation of cardiac beta adrenergic and muscarinic receptors in early developmental stages of these fish.  She then moved on to do a two year postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Dr. Daniel Figeys at the University of Ottawa where she worked with both cell culture and mouse models to examine non-LDLR targets of PCSK9, a recently discovered molecular chaperone involved in cellular cholesterol metabolism.

Shelby returned to the Maritimes and joined the Berman lab in January 2013 as a postdoctoral fellow.  She was drawn to the lab by the opportunity to use the zebrafish to model human diseases and use these as a platform for drug discovery.  As such, she is involved in the IGNITE project, a multidisciplinary collaboration with clinicians and researchers at Dalhousie investigating the genetic causes and therapeutic targets for orphan diseases identified in Atlantic Canada.  Shelby also works on projects investigating the role of HACE1, a known tumour suppressor, in cardiac development using the zebrafish.

Shelby is enjoying living in Halifax and being near the ocean again, she enjoys exploring the city in her spare time, as well as CrossFit, cooking, shopping, and hanging out with her favourite orange four legged companion, Leo.


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