Chansey Veinotte

Medical Student and Researcher

Former Laboratory Manager & Research Associate (M.Sc, B.ScH)


Chansey Veinotte hails from the local town Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. He graduated from Acadia University in 2010 with an Bachelor of Science with Honours degree. While attending Acadia, Chansey conducted his Honours research with developmental biologist Dr. Glenys Gibson.

Chansey joined the Berman Lab in Sept. 2010 as an MSc candidate. His thesis project was a collaboration with Dr. Poul Sorenson of the University of British Columbia and Dr. Graham Dellaire (Department of Pathology, Dalhousie University), and focused on a zebrafish xenotransplantation model to study pediatric sarcomas, which are malignant tumours of soft tissues and bone. Human sarcoma cell lines were cultured and microinjected into zebrafish embryos at two days of life and cell numbers and behavior quantified using approaches pioneered in the Berman and Dellaire laboratories for leukemia and breast cancer. Specifically, the translation/transcriptional gene Y-B1 was examined to determine its effects on metastatic spread.

The imaging advantages inherent in the zebrafish embryo enable us to observe cancer cell behavior and the interaction of these cells within a microenvironment and the local inflammatory response in real time. Chansey continues to pursue these studies to further elucidate the role of YB-1 in tumour cell metastasis. He also oversees a number of other xenotransplantation projects currently underway in the Berman lab.

When not in the lab Chansey is either practicing or playing the drums with his local band Adam Washburn & The Elements. He also enjoys spending quality time with his family – one member – Jack the Vizsla Puppy, keeps him busy!


Chansey J. Veinotte, Dale Corkery, Graham Dellaire, Amal El-Naggar, Kirk Sinclair, Mark L. Bernstein, Poul B. Sorensen, and Jason N. Berman. Using zebrafish xenotransplantation to study the role of Y-Box binding protein (YB-1) in the metastasis of Ewing family tumors. 2012. American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting.


Dalhousie Graduate Student Research Day – Rozee Award from Microbiology & Immunology for top poster presentation. May 2012.

Department of Pediatrics - Research Day, 1st Place Platform Presentation, April 2012.

BHCRI 3rd Annual Cancer Research Conference, 1st Place Poster Award, November 2011.

North Atlantic Zebrafish Users Group Symposium, 3rd Place Poster Award, May 2011. “Casper the friendly (innovative) fish: Zebrafish xenotransplantation to study the metastasis of pediatric sarcomas”

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