Michelle Gurrola-Gal

Laboratory Manager & Research Associate (M.Sc)

Email: Michelle.Gurrola-Gal@iwk.nshealth.ca

Michelle Gurrola-Gal moved to Nova Scotia from Pennsylvania, USA. She graduated from Villanova University in 2014 with a Masters of Science in Biology with a focus on the use of zebrafish embryos in developmental toxicity screening, under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Brannen.  She worked in preclinical research for Charles River Laboratories for over 8 years focusing on developmental and reproductive toxicology.

Michelle joined the Berman Laboratory in August 2016 and is excited to be involved in the innovative research being conducted by the lab and optimistic about the impact on patients’ treatments.

When not in the lab, Michelle is getting to know Halifax and the beautiful province of Nova Scotia.


Gurrola-Gal MC, LC Penney, J Macdougall, AS Clipston, KC Brannen (2014). The effects of the zebrafish chorion on the response to exogenous chemicals. Birth Defects Research Part A 100:404.
Gurrola-Gal MC, Brannen KC (2015). Timing of Zebrafish Developmental Toxicity Assessments: Four versus Five Days Post Fertilization. Birth Defects Research Part A 103:432.


Charles River Laboratories – Teamwork & Collaboration Award (nominee). 2016

Charles River Laboratories – Leadership & Mentor Award (nominee). 2015

Charles River Laboratories – Teamwork & Collaboration Award (nominee). 2014

Teratology Society – Student Travel Award. 2014

Charles River Laboratories – Humane Care & Use Award. 2011

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