• Zebrafish Models of Mast Cell Diseases.
  • The role of the Notch Pathway in Zebrafish Mast cell Development.
  • Small molecule inhibitor screens for a zebrafish systemic mastocytosis model using cKIT D816V transgenic zebrafish.
  • PRP4 Kinase as a cell cycle checkpoint in zebrafish/xenotransplantation of AML cell lines in zebrafish.
  • Elucidating the role of the HACE-1 tumour suppressor in normal vertebrate Development.
  • A Novel Mast Cell Marker, Carboxypeptidase A5, provides the first insight into Zebrafish Mast Cell Developmental Pathways.
  • The Regulation of Hematopoiesis and Cellular Survival by the Homeobox Gene, HOXA9, in the Zebrafish, Danio Rerio.Cell Cycle Defects in Nup98-HOXA9 Transgenic Zebrafish.
  • Pharmokinetics and Targeting of Nucleoside Anti-cancer Agents in the Zebrafish Model.
  • Development of a Zebrafish model of tet2 mutation to examine its role in blood development.
  • Developing in vitro and in vivo models to characterize a novel Low Z target photon beam used in conjunction with high atomic number nanoparticles to treat pediatric cancers and difficult to treat tumours.

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